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Happy Fashion-Historical Halloween

I swear I have an actual new post coming soon (working two jobs is not conducive to blogging)…but for now, I thought I’d post a link to a great site that has some awesome historically-inspired Halloween costumes for women who don’t want to wear they typical over-priced polyester mini-dress costumes most stores sell.  At Take Back Halloween, you’ll find some creative costume ideas ranging from Glamour Grrls (including my favorites Anna May Wong and Jean Harlow) to Notable Women (my favorites being Christine de Pizan and Themistoclea).  If you can’t duplicate their costume ideas exactly, they at least provide a few last minute ideas and some inspiration!  My backup is always something out of my closet; this year, I think I might go 70’s with a pleated paisley dress that has a built-in ascot and sheer sleeves, nude heeled oxfords, and maybe a floppy hat.  But next year I will be attempting one of the historical ladies on that site!

Happy Halloween!  New post on the 1940’s coming soon, I swear.

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