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Follow my new blog: In Search of Lost Style


Greetings! It’s been¬†awhile, I know. Focusing on work and school sent me astray from my vintage musings, but I wanted to post for any that still this follow this blog that I’ve started up a new one over at Blogspot. I have a YouTube channel, and blogging there just helps connect the two mediums so much better. The new blog will still feature vintage style and glamour, but will include beauty tutorials, vintage hauls, reviews, and more. I hope you can follow me there as well!

In Search of Lost Style Рfor vintage nerds and Old Hollywood glamour enthusiasts alike.

My first post is a rundown of vintage lingerie essentials! Check it out here!

Again, thank you for following this blog! I hope to transfer my older articles from here to there in a sort of archive, and to return to writing fashion history articles again soon.


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