Resurrecting Hemline Quarterly


Outside of the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theater following a 1920’s fashion lecture.

As is pretty clear from the lack of posts, I stopped updating this site years ago when I started grad school and didn’t have as much free time for my side projects. However, despite me never checking WordPress, magically people have still been finding my site and have been leaving very sweet comments that they’ve enjoyed the content. In addition, I recently moved to the Hollywood area and have been super inspired by all of the art deco buildings, Old Hollywood sites, and vintage fashion shops, to resurrect this blog!

A few things to expect:

  • Shots of some vintage sites around Hollywood
  • Continuing articles on fashion history and vintage style
  • Old Hollywood style and how it connects to pret-a-porter
  • Photos of my adventures in the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles

I’m looking forward to getting back into writing about fashion history! If there are any specific eras that you are interested in or fashion trends you’d like to learn more about, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!


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One response to “Resurrecting Hemline Quarterly

  1. Your blog is quite memorable and it’s nice to see a post again. Right now I am living in Rijeka, Croatia temporarily and there are some places where Art Deco is featured, I think from when the Austrians were here, or inspired by them. I did not realize it had been five years since your last post! It seems like I have seen something more recently.

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